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Products for Allergy Care System by SUPRACARE:

Mattress Encasings in all sizes
Pillow Cases
Bolster Cases
Pillows for Adults
Pillows for Children
Pillows for Health
Dust Mite Proof Duvets

World Health Organization (WHO) has registered the dust mites as the sixth carrier for allergy. Each year, 10 percent of Thai population or approximately 6 million people suffer from dust mite allergy.

ALLERGEN is playing the important role for the allergies threatening our lives. “Allergen” has shown different condition of allergies in different persons. The top allergen in Thailand and across the word is Dust Mite.

According to the research, our body is moving around 60-70 times during we sleep in bed. Each of our movement will cause the spread of dust mite and its droppings in the air. The spread will cause the sleeper feel allergic with relating various symptoms.

Allergies through respiratory system will start from repeated sneezing and sound like having cold with runny nose. The serious cases will face difficulty in breathing, suffocating feeling up to perennial allergic rhinitis. In case the allergen passes through the skin, we will suffer the rash on the skin.

SUPRACARE is the product for taking care of your family’s health. Good health can be self taken care just only you starting up today.

SUPRACARE is the method to enclose the mattresses, pillows, blankets with the dust proof covers. Millions of micronite fibres, double specially woven with high technology of non-chemical laminated will provide softness, comfort and airflows to protect dust mites reproduction in bedding, the spread of dust mites and droppings.

SUPRACARE is accredited by reputation organization in Thailand.

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